Alternatives to YPOPs!

Alternatives to YPOPs!
  • eCleaner 2.02
    eCleaner 2.02

    Remove unnecessary text from your emails

    Free In English
  • HandyBits Voice Mail 6.0
    HandyBits Voice Mail 6.0

    Send your own email sound messages

    Free In English
  • PostSmile 7.00
    PostSmile 7.00

    Liven up your emails, forum posts and instant messages

    Trial version In English
  • Adobe Reader DC 19.021.20049
    Adobe Reader DC 19.021.20049

    Versatile document viewer mainly for PDF formats

    Free In English
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 60.6.1
    Mozilla Thunderbird 60.6.1

    A free a simple mail client from the makers of Firefox with strong encryption

    Free In English
  • Windows Live Mail 16.4.3522
    Windows Live Mail 16.4.3522

    Check your email and correspond with others around the world with ease right from your computer

    Free In English
  • Outlook on Desktop 4.0.136
    Outlook on Desktop 4.0.136

    Access Microsoft's email client on desktop at the press of a button

    Free In English
  • Mail Bomber 11.3
    Mail Bomber 11.3

    Send personalized e-mail to masses utilizing mailing lists and templates

    Trial version In English
  • E-mail Recovery 2.11
    E-mail Recovery 2.11

    Recovers most types of email bases

    Trial version In English
  • GetMail for Hotmail 4.00
    GetMail for Hotmail 4.00

    Read your emails easier than by visiting the websites individually with a browser

    Free In English
  • @Mail Server + WebMail 4.3
    @Mail Server + WebMail 4.3

    A versatile email server management program that works on Windows PCs and mobile devices alike

    Trial version In English
  • Windows Live Mail Converter 6.9
    Windows Live Mail Converter 6.9

    Easily convert your Windows mail so that it can be used with other email clients

    Free to Try In English
  • Yahoo Mail
    Yahoo Mail

    Check your email that is set up with a free account offered by a website

    Free In English